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30-Day Trial Period

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Dramatically boost your team's collaboration and productivity

"On-Record" Chatting

bluChat messages are automatically stored on the related NetSuite record Communications tab

"Off-Record" Channels & DMs

For searchable, company-wide, group, and 1-1 discussions

bluChat Key Features

Texting, file sharing, tagging, assigning tasks, notifications and workflow automations

Why We Use bluChat

Try Before You Buy

Take bluChat for a test drive today and see exactly how your entire company can benefit. It takes only minutes to deploy and learn, and there's no limit to the number of teams or simultaneous users that can use bluChat. Once you experience the faster issue resolution, increased productivity and time savings of using bluChat, we're confident you'll want to keep using it. If not, simply cancel on or before day 30, and you will not be charged.
Must have an active NetSuite license to download bluChat.