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Native NetSuite team chat. On-record, channel and group collaboration including external guest participation


bluChat 3.0 is a powerful team chat and collaboration application specifically designed to increase cross-departmental productivity for NetSuite-based companies and their partners.  As the only native NetSuite team collaboration tool, bluChat uniquely leverages NetSuite’s “single source of truth” database strengths, and its familiar navigation conventions.  bluChat supports both “on-record” and “off-record” collaboration. Message directly on any writable record such as customers, invoices and custom records. It also provides an area for Channels, Groups and Direct Messages. bluChat automatically supports key NetSuite functions and features, including automatically saving on-record chats directly to the relevant NetSuite record under the appropriate Communications tab (User Notes), for later search and audit.  

Standard features include rich text formatting, file sharing, tagging, user profiles, emojis, task assignment, threads, and notifications to provide better communication, faster issue resolution, and unmatched options for staff and external stakeholder collaboration. 

Taking just minutes to install and deploy, bluChat requires minimal training because it follows the standard NetSuite navigation already familiar to users. No new security measures or passwords are required, and System Admins do not have to set or reset record access permissions for bluChat. bluChat simply becomes additional functionality on whichever records staff and stakeholders already have authorization to access. The history of all chats, whether on-record or off-record, are saved and searchable.

bluChat supports all NetSuite file types, all custom and SuiteApp records, and all NetSuite workflow automations, enabling organizations to easily create their own status alerts and activity triggers. For NetSuite organizations, the combination of bluChat and workflow automation is a particularly powerful toolset for improving operational efficiencies across all departments, saving time and effort while leveraging an organization’s existing investment in customization.

New for Version 3.0

  • Reply to Specific Messages. Replying to a specific message is now supported, even if it was earlier in the chat stream. This allows for running commentaries on multiple message threads to remain on topic and in chronological order.

  • Reactions.  This provides the ability to react to a user’s message with a specific emoji.
    For example, you could give a

    to a message indicating that you have read the user’s message without having to reply with text directly. Under the message there may be a set of emoji reactions that people selected, along with a number indicating how many people reacted to the message with that emoji. Mouse over the emojis to see user names.

  • Additional User Settings.  The ability to disable email notifications and show user titles have been added to the personal profile settings.


    bluChat´s Unique Advantages for
    NetSuite-based Organizations
    Netsuite login

    Netsuite on-record chat

    Netsuite channels & DMs

    Netsuite task generation & assignment

    Netsuite workflow automations

    Netsuite custom record support

    Netsuite on-record auditing

    Netsuite searchable

    SuiteApp support

    User profiles, bio

    Multi-format file sharing

    Formatting, emojis, tagging




    Message retention and archiving

    Guest access (customers, partners,vendors)

    Ease of setup & deploymentmediummediumhigh
    Max number of private channel users250unlimitedunlimited
    Maximum number of messagesunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
    Message storage limitunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
    File size limit250 GB/file1 GB/file100 MB/file
    Security2FA, ISO 27001, etc.2FA, ISO 27001, etc.2FA, ISO 27001, etc.
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